Srikar Group Profile

At Srikar Group we believe in providing the right exposure and the right opportunity to every individual. We believe this contributes to the positive and exponential growth of an individual.Each one of  is uniquely talented. We all are blessed with some inborn talents, but not equally in every field. Someone may be exceptionally talented in a particular field but very much weak in other fields. So how do we know what is that exact thing, we are meant to be. What is right for us and what is not.

We at Srikar Group help you to identify and realise your god gifted inborn potentials and natural abilities, your strengths and weaknesses and gaining the self confidence to overcome the challenges of life, mostly arise due to confusions.

At Srikar Group we are about helping all individuals in identifying their inborn talents and realise potential in all aspects of life.“Service with a Heart” is Srikar Group focus & commitment. We put our hearts into providing a customer service experience that you’ll be pleased with, always.Srikar Group strives to maximise customer revenue using leading-edge Brain developmental Technics.
Even with the convenience of the internet, its sophistication and complexity make it increasingly difficult to gain the best brain performance. It is our goal to make optimal use of leading-edge Brain developmental Technics via technologies to help maximise the SUCCESS presentation in the chosen field. We also aim to provide a world-class platform, developed by proven techniques based on a vast breadth of experience, to revitalize not only in INDIA but also the world.

Biogene Biosciences

Srikar BiogeneBiosciences is a proprietary company established in the year 2009, with head quarters in Hyderabad. The core activity of the company is research and development (R&D). The company aims at development of new technology for developing molecular biology kits and development of novel genes for herbicide tolerance from crop plants through directed evolution. The R&D team consisting of committed, highly qualified, experienced, top-ranking professionals working under the guidance and supervision of top core management.

Srikar Biotech Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2008 at Hyderabad, India. The company has been awarded with ISO 9001: 2008 certificate for its quality standards. SBPL is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pesticides, bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers, bio-fungicides, plant growth promoters, micro & macro nutrients, organic fertilisers and other bio-products. The main vision of the company is to make available the Pest Effective and Quality Products to the farming community at affordable prices. Our products are used in field and horticultural crops.


Srikar Organics India Limited (SOIL) is a limited company established in the year 2011 under The Companies Act, 1956 with headquarters at Hyderabad, AP, India. SOIL had a Transfer of Technology (ToT) agreement with Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) regarding “Bio-digester Technology”. The technology was developed by DRDO, Gwalior to resolve the problems of un-decomposed human waste. The technology degrades and converts the human waste into usable water and gases in an eco-friendly manner by a consortium bacterial inoculum.

Srikar Solutions is a service sector company registered under the companies Act, 1956. It is a Software programming company with the mission to collaborate with the customers and deliver optimized business solutions, thus enabling the customers to efficiently manage their data, information and processes.
The company’s main objective is development of new technology and we ensure the team understands our mission and keeps our customers’ needs foremost. Our experienced teams focus on achieving this mission and supporting our customers and their business.

Dr Linga Foundation

The foundation was created as a part of the “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” to give back to the society It aims at addressing the needs of the less privileged sections of the society and focuses on the following areas:
♦  Serving economically backward students
♦  Helping orphans
♦  Support to old age homes
♦  Support to hospitalised persons
♦  Development of drinking water sources in villages
♦  Encouragement and support to school students for participation in sports.
♦  Support for renovation of old schools
♦  Organizing health camps

Srikar Seeds

Eldorado Agritech Private Limited (EAPL) is established in Hyderabad, India in 2009 by the scientists couple Dr. Linga Srinivasa Rao and Mrs. Usha Rani Papineni. Dr Linga is a doctorate in agricultural Sciences from the prestigious Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi. Mrs Usha Rani is a Biochemist from Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The main purpose of starting EAPL is to provide world class seeds to Indian farmers at their door step. Company is determined to cater to the needs of farmers in different agro-climatic zones with suitable, almost customized, products in different categories of maturity and grain quality preferences.